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The mushroom farming business has witnessed exponential growth. Be part of this opportunity to grow your investment.

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Are you looking for a business which involves farming? Which involves farming with low investment prospects? Which involves low investment prospects with higher profit margin and massive sales turnover? Also which requires some small space and comes at lower costs?

Ever heard of mushroom? Yes, they are your way out. No, not just through your stomach but also for making everything mentioned above possible. Your very own Mushroom farming business

The global mushroom market value is expected to reach $50 billion in the next seven years due to the increasing consumption of mushrooms of various kinds for various purposes

The countries like USA, Italy, China and Netherlands are the top producers of high quality and variety of mushrooms.

Moreover, many developing countries like India are taking up initiatives to fuel the small scale industries through mushroom cultivation and farming.

You’ll be amazed to know how a fungi like this one could get you a business as wholesome as this.

Mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground, on soil or on the food source.

These are majorly used for edible consumption because of its negligible sodium and gluten, low fat and low cholesterol content

The market potential for mushroom farming is vast because of its 20 different varieties and the up and rising demand for each of it in different aspects like in food, medicine, traditional healing etc

Moreover the potential of mushroom can be defined and elaborated for on the following basis

The profit made from mushroom farming business is R 20 000 – R 100 000.

If, on the basis of 3000 kg being produced and sold @ R 40/kg: R 120 000

Profit margin
The mushroom farming business is likely to yield a profit margin of 12%-15%

Target consumers
The target consumers for your mushroom farming business are as follows:

Restaurants/cafés : The restaurants make use of mushroom to cater to the organic and vegan eating needs of consumers in multi cuisine dishes like Thai, Chinese, continental etc
Pizza spaces: The pizza spaces like Pizza Hut, dominos etc require mushrooms as dried or frozen to use them as toppings
Pharmaceutical industries: These make use of the extract of mushrooms including glycoproteins, proteoglycans and polysaccharides for adjacent cancer treatments
Aid in psychological disorders: The mushroom chemical psilocybe cubensis is used as a healer to help people suffering from psychological disorders like OCD, anxiety and sleep disorders etc
Retail stores: The retail stores stock up on mushrooms as dried, organically plucked, frozen, in the form of churned sauces, powders etc for meeting the needs of vegan, diet and health conscious consumers
Super markets: The supermarkets stock up not only on the processed forms of mushrooms but also in different varieties which can be used for gardening, cooking ( Italian, Mexican, continental and American cuisines) by the consumers
Farmer’s market: The consumers who have a knack, habit and prefer to eat organically grown mushrooms visit farmer’s market which has freshly picked mushrooms

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